The food safety rules for meat dictate defrosting in the fridge, never at room temperature.



  1. 这是厨师的意思,厨师有一个适合羊羔的冰箱吗?
  2. 伙计们是否意味着在它冻结的同时开始烤它?无论火灾有多温柔,我都会觉得它会煮。
  3. 做鸟(土耳其,......)需要特别注意,因为它们特别迅速地破坏,并且对于羊羔,一个人会在室温下除霜?24小时会这样做吗?这实际上是安全的吗?

I suppose if it's October or March, then defrosting outside in some regions at +5C might work, except that the temperature outside is never constant, which doesn't help much (with either defrosting or with food safety), and that you'd have to stand guard overnight to make sure no其他野生动物发现盛宴准备好了。

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    我投票是为了关闭这一点,因为它被修改为一个问题。GDD. 8月5日20日15:12
  • 你问:如何解冻一个整个羊肉,如何将冷冻羊肉切割以解冻部分,以及如何烹饪整个羊羔。每个人都是@sam的问题。GDD. 8月5日20日15:17
  • @gdd这个问题是“厨师怎么样?任何厨师,只要他们可以做到这一点,因为烹饪的目的修改了一个整个羔羊?”向答案的州(任何答案都是)是:1 - 将其冻结,解冻,然后煮2-8-烹饪,然后剪裁,或3煮,烹饪。OP和已接受的答案同意,3个未能成功。现在我们留下了1或2.哪一个是哪一个?萨姆 8月5日20日15:21
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    As the answer is already accepted, editing the scope of the question seems odd. I suggest you ask a new question referencing this one.约翰内斯_B. 8月6日20日在2:50
  • I suspect these are sold to people who are going to have a large gathering of family/friends where the whole lamb can be eaten over a couple of days. (Otherwise leftovers would be a problem). Perhaps the supermarked doesn't care about the convenience of defrosting such a large item safely, or is catering toward a wholesale market who has large enough fridges, or maybe just has extra lambs to get rid of.斯坦里 Aug 6 '20 at 9:37



There is another food safe option to thaw meat quickly, and it has saved the Thanksgiving meal of many cooks: Incold water. To ensure that the meat stays in a safe temperature range, frequently changing the water is required, ideally by running the cold water tap just a bit. The meat itself will act like a huge ice cube, contributing to keeping the surrounding water cool.


Cold water thawing is messier and needs more attention than just thawing in the refrigerator, but will on the other hand be significantly faster and needs no hacking up of a frozen slab of meat.






    • “从冻结烹饪确实不是一个选择。”为什么?您只需要确保它一直烹饪并具有适当的内部温度。Nick012000 8月5日20日11:06
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      @nick012000 OK, theoretically it is an option - in practice, pretty much any way of doing it will have you end up with parts of the lamb being hopelessly overcooked, and that's if the lamb was cleaned before selling (I have never seen these whole lambs, so I don't know if they don't still have all intestines inside). I guess you could try to get inventive and e.g. put the whole lamb onto a döner machine, but there are quite a few practical obstacles to getting it to work.Rumtscho. Aug 5 '20 at 12:53
    • @rumtscho我从冷冻煮掉整个鱼,如果你控制温度,我就不会明白为什么整个羔羊都不工作。实际上我有一个电动烤箱,尺寸适合羊肉,我实际上还没有尝试过,但我想在肉里施加温度探头并设定烤箱的电动温度控制器以保持肉温度,以保持某个肉温度在60°C和70°C之间(140°F至158°F)将让它烹饪而不是烹饪。可能需要几个温度探头,可能需要在羊肉的不同部分中,我有一个可以采用3个探针的温度控制器。yannn 8月6日20日在7:45


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